Street Scene wFigures – Painting Friends Splash

September 9-10   – San Diego

Painting figures – This exercise was led by Wyna.  She showed us how placing heads in varied sizes at a point on the horizon and result in figures that appear to be at different distances.  Heads are small on the bodies; simple torso and legs.  Details are not needed; just something to distinguish men from women and front from back.

Street Scene w/figures – Wyna led this exercise too.  Most of the group worked on the same scene in order to follow Wyna’s demo.

My Results

FigurePractice StreetScene-wFigures



After seeing Wyna demo, we looked back at photos from the beach and saw how most of the heads actually look like they are on the same level of the horizon.  Interesting.



Plein Air on the patio in San Diego

Sept 8 at Splash with Painting Friends…

Today was free-form.  Wyna offered a few pointers on creating a composition from the scene.  We looked around the yard and at the beautiful views from Cindi’s patio.  I took time and drew out a landscape with the patio table and umbrellas in the foreground.  Others painted fruit hanging on the trees or details in the landscape.  Laid down a few strokes with a big juicy mop; the breeze hit the paper with an almost immediate drying effect.  Rather than torture myself trying to fix it, I took photos and enjoyed watching everyone’s painting progress.  Later in the week, with good lighting on the hillside, I photographed features in the scene to use “back in the studio”.  I’ve since created the drawing, but have not started a painting.

For the afternoon entertainment, we headed to the beach.  A great way to spend a hot/humid day.  Afterward we walked around the docks and went to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner.

Alcohol Inks with Painting Friends – San Diego CA

I’m going to play a bit of catch up to bring my blog up to date.

Earlier this year I joined a wonderful group of artists in an on-line forum at Since 2011 they’ve held an annual art retreat called Splash. This year the location was near Oceanside CA, north of San Diego. During July and August emails buzzed thru the group sharing ideas for demonstrations and activities. My local artist friend, Rosemary, and I drove from Utah. We were new to the group, but fell right in step with everyone and had a great time. We painted every day, but also had time to site see, go to the beach, and attend a watercolor demo by Keiko Tanabe.

On Sept 7 we pulled out our inks and put on our gloves to experiment with Alcohol Ink on YUPO, ceramic tiles, and a glass ornament. Here are my results:

Images on YUPO
Desert Scene

1) experimented with how the inks flow, using dust-off to move the inks, and using a cross stitch grid for texture.

Blue Flower Purple Flower


2)  attempting to create a bit more structure.


Splash of Color Pears


3) on the left, experimented with using a rubber roller.  Laid down a bit of color, rolled it , laid down another color, rolled… repeating the process to create transparent looking layers.

4) drew the pears with a sharpie, then painted.

Images on Ceramic Tile
Yellow Flower Indian Paintbrush


5)  Free form.  Yellow ink, like water color is aggressive.

6)  Free form, while thinking of an Indian Paint brush in bloom.

Purchased Rust-oleum Triple Thick Glaze to protect the tiles.  It was recommended by Wyna from Montana.

Exhibit artwork ready to go

I laid out the pieces to determine where they’ll hang in the show. Tagged them accordingly and loaded them in the car for hanging tomorrow.

Wires were added to works that needed them and everything was dusted and finger prints removed from glass.

Yep. Tomorrow’s the day. The reception should be next Thursday.

Re-arranged my ‘Studio’

I don’t really have a studio. What I have is a dedicated alcove for painting.
The big change today was to bring my drafting table in from storage to create a 78″ wide surface. This means room for reference photos, easel, palettes, water, brushes, etc…. as well as a music source. This eliminates a couple shelves that were various heights. Unfortunately, I have a bit of work to do before I can get the brushes wet.

Healing Arts Exhibit preparation

I’ve gone through my stored artwork and identified approximately 40 pieces for this show. Fortunately they are already framed 🙂
A few of them will need wires added. I’ll see Yvonne at Willow Creek Framing to purchase supplies for this. Hanging day is October 3. My friend Rosemary Swapp will be helping.

Building my WordPress Blog

Finally, took the time to convert from at Yahoo to a WordPress hosted free site. A few of the customization options Yahoo provided are no longer available. Another difference is I no longer have my own .com This had become a problem rather than a benefit. Hackers were creating their own email at and sending spam by the truck loads. Yahoo support said there was no way to prevent this. Hopefully that problem is gone with the discontinued account.

In order to implement a clean, organized looking site I’m using pages (or tabs). The number of sidebars is kept down on the Home/Blog by putting Archives and Links on separate tabs. Placing Links in the center of the Link page left room for descriptions.

A gallery page is used to show highlights of works by year. This allows me to share where I’ve been. The Blog and new gallery entries will show future creations.